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Advanced Edition

Many modern applications have become larger than will fit on a single CD-ROM (ISO 9660 Mode 1), which can hold only 700 (or 650) MB of data. In addition, the System i does not include support for spanning multiple CD-ROMs, as it does for tapes.

CD-ROM Studio for System iAdvanced Edition includes the Span Multiple CDs (SPANCDS) command, which will help you divide large applications into image files that span multiple CD-ROMs. Without SPANCDS, this process is tedious, difficult to manage, and prone to error.

Manual process Using SPANCDS
Identify libraries Identify libraries
Determine object sizes in each library Run SPANCDS
Organize objects by size to fit on CD-ROMs, probably different each time
  • Be sure to arrange them to be restored correctly
Save each set of objects
  • Be sure to use 8-character labels for long library names
  • Be sure to use unique labels
Create/modify QINSTAPP
Create/modify installation program
Save installation program and supporting objects
Retrieve image files using Windows client Retrieve image files using Windows client
Burn CD-ROMs Burn CD-ROMs

Key Features

  • Supports multiple libraries
  • Supports libraries larger than 700 MB
  • Generates all installation objects
  • Generates CD-ROM layout report
  • Supports V5R2+ image catalogs

In addition to the above features, CD-ROM Studio for the System i Advanced Edition includes all of the components of CD-ROM Studio for the System i Standard Edition.

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