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CD-ROM Studio for iSeries - Standard Edition

ProData Computer Services, Inc.

ProData Computer Services, Inc is currently shipping it's market leading database programming tools including DBU, SQL/4LESS, RDR, CVTRPGIV, and others on CD-ROM.

According to Ron Ponec, product manager for SQL/4LESS, ProData plans to use CD-ROM as the only media available for RISC based AS/400s. "With everything going to RISC, CD-ROM is the way to go ... and it's what our customer's want." "The CD-ROM Studio was easy to use. We have been shipping our product on CD-ROM for a couple of weeks already."

Visit ProData Computer Services, Inc.

Premenos Corporation (Recently Acquired by Harbinger)
According to Judy Smith, a member of Premenos Technology's development team, the right tools, the necessary flexibilty, and good product support are the key components in their successful implementation of CD-ROM based distribution. "We are placing everything in the root directory on the CD so we do not have to use the OPTFILE parameter on the restore commands. This will solve a lot of our problems with the install and update."

"The vendor's support on this was outstanding. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful."

Premenos Corporation is currently shipping it's world's leading EDI Solution for the AS/400 on CD-ROM.

PAE Inc.
PAE distributing all of their products on CD-ROM including; Librarian for tape management, CrashAid for disaster recovery, Burlesque the library stripper, PC/Accelerator for object conversion, QINBETWEEN the Asynchronous Transaction Thread Processor, and THE GUILLOTINE that cuts off NONSYS save time.

Peter O'Connor, PAE Inc., Product Manager enthusiasticly said the following about CD-ROM Studio, "CD's are simple to create off line without need to have the 400 up and running. I can even create CD's while on the road traveling in a hotel room. Cheaper than lugging around an AS/400."

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