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How does insure/ANALYSIS work?
Insure/ANAYSIS works by letting users analyze the collected data in a quick and intuitive way, and from a summary view to a very detailed view. Utilizing a concept of filters, users can segment the data to only analyze what's important to the task being done
What are some of the analyses that can be done?
There are many ways you can analyze the data for example by file, user, index, job, program, and SQL statements? The power of insure/ANALYSIS is its flexibility to allow you to accomplish the necessary task no matter how you view the data.
What benefit does this module provide?
insure/ANALYSIS gives the system or database administrator a way to minimize the amount of time they spend diagnosing problems and identifying solutions. As with all performance analysis, the key is to find the small number of leverage points that, when fixed, provide the majority of benefit. With insure/ANALYSIS, finding these leverage points and correlating them with specific users, jobs, or programs is very easy.
Can I run my own queries/reports over the data?
Yes, please contact our technical support and they will gladly assist you.

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