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Where do the index recommendations come from?
Our automated index recommendations are generated from analysis of data collected for the applications run on your AS/400.
What is index melding?
Index melding is our proprietary algorithm we have written to help produce more index recommendations with improved potential to have significant performance impact when they are created.
What are the different types of Indexes that can be created?
When you create and index through our interface, you have the ability to create: Binary Radix and Encoded Vector indices. You also have full control over assigning different attributes to insure you are creating the right index for your environment.
What is a binary radix index?
A binary radix index is the type of structure used by traditional logical files. Binary indexes, created as part of a logical file, are used by DB2 for the iSeries to speed up SQL and query requests.
What is an encoded vector index?
Encoded vector indexes are a relatively new type of structure intended to speed up environments that are very query intensive. In general, they are of most benefit to systems with large amounts of data that are used as the basis for ad hoc queries or reporting.
What are the different ways I can build indexes?
There are four ways in which you can build an index with insure/INDEX.
  • Schedule the creation
  • Build it interactively
  • Submit the build to batch
  • Create a script that can be run on an as-needed basis or as part of a complete build process.
How do you make index management so easy?
We give you all the necessary information to create and drop indexes. An index creation wizard is built into our tools that will walk you through the build process. Any indexes you create through our module will be stored in a history folder so the administrator can track database changes and make adjustments as necessary.
How do I find our more information on index recommendations??
insure/INDEX, in combination with insure/ANALYSIS, can provide you the means to look at the collected data in a variety of ways. Our analysis will let you look at why indexes were not used, most commonly used indexes, and duplicate indexes. Our analysis support lets you look at summary view and drill down to individual statements quickly and easily.

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