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Finally, IT administration staff has a tool to monitor and support JD Edwards OneWorld's users accessing an iSeries or AS/400. With Centerfield?s insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® module, an administrator can identify users and potential problems earlier and take action to protect critical applications ? a very difficult task for all network-based applications.

insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® allows problem jobs to be quickly identified, the functions those jobs are executing isolated, and corrective action taken. In cases where an end-user calls the help desk, insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® can quickly identify the user?s connection and the series of events that led to their problem.

With insure/MONITOR for OneWorld®'s custom views, you can choose to view only OneWorld® jobs and their associated details. Important Job Metrics can be viewed graphically as well, to help monitor and pinpoint particular issues.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® streamlines IT?s ability to support and diagnose functional and performance issues by providing a comprehensive set of system statistics viewable from one screen. Besides traditional information available via green-screen, users can easily see who is assigned to which job, what that user?s last request was (e.g. the last SQL statement submitted), and statistics about network communication flows. Problem level filtering will enable you to ?manage-by-exception? and display problems based on thresholds you set. Much of this information is not available through any system command or other products.
  • Personalization Administrators can set up their desktop better suited to their work process by defining key data views in grid format and graphically. Additionally, users can add their own data descriptions either by changing column headings or even in the data itself so cryptic system information can be easily deciphered. Once you have created a custom view you can save that ?Dashboard? layout for future use.
  • Advanced diagnostic functions Administrators have the capability to implement a complete process to quickly handle and resolve user issues by having the right set of tools. When issues arise, administrators have one-click access to a searchable joblog or can set up policies to log additional information in the joblog, such as connection info, interfaces used and debug messages. These policies can be set up to trace information by user, by time of day or connection type so you get a complete picture of user activity. insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® also provides UBE (Batch Job) tracking and notification and ?Locking? diagnostics.
  • Multi-mode operation While insure/MONITOR for OneWorld® is designed for managing OneWorld and network-based applications, it can also be used for general system activity. With a click of the mouse, users see all system jobs and perform the same level of monitoring and control as they have with networked jobs.

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