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How does insure/SECURITY work?
Security requirements are different in a network access environment than your core business applications. These business applications generally come with their own set of security and it does not apply to external connection types like: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)?. The challenge is to make sure your security procedures will coexist with your "green screen" applications, but also give people access to data they need.

insure/SECURITY manages security by utilizing a proxy user philosophy. We have built our security to utilize the AS/400 exit points and therefore are not another layer on AS/400 security. However, we have added some additional functionality to allow IT to have the flexibility to meet various users' access requirements. For example, any of the methods or combination of methods below can set policies:
  • By user
  • By time of day
  • By connection type
What is meant by a proxy user?
The security administrator can set up a user profile with the appropriate security rules defined on the AS/400. Our software will utilize that (proxy) profile when the user accesses the AS/400 via the policies set through our interface. This process is transparent to the user so they log in with their normal profile and password and, depending on how they access the database, will invoke the proper security rules.
How does insure/SECURITY fit in with other modules?
Insure/SECURITY coupled with our other modules, insure/MONITOR and insure/RESOURCES gives you an infrastructure to fully track and audit your users activity on the database, but also let you maintain the balance needed to achieve the proper user expectations.
What interfaces does insure/SECURITY have support for?
ODBC (many flavors), JDBC, FTP, DDM, DRDA, and others.
What exit points does insure/SECURITY cover?
Insure/SECURITY covers all of the key IBM Client/Access exit points. If you do not want end-users working with certain tools (like FTP) you can completely restrict their use to a few trusted IT personnel.

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