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A blog has become a necessity for companies who want to climb search engine results pages, boost brand awareness and reach their audience. You can’t just make one for the sake of it; you need a clear cut strategy to achieve the objects you laid out.

Experts from Virginia Beach on SEO cite the following practices to become a better blogger.

Length Matters

Short but sweet is good in some circumstances, but it isn’t the case for blog posts. There was a time when 300 words were good enough; however, search engines now reward a post that is much longer and comprehensive. Publish content that focuses on a topic relevant to your target market. Identify a problem that you can solve and dive into it. Become as knowledgeable as possible about a niche and create a video or article that covers the basics and in-depth information. This should be about more than 1000 words.

Create a Readable Structure

The structure is vital in making an article. You’ll confuse your readers if they understand the flow of thoughts. Use headings and subheadings to guide a visitor through your points. Include signal words to lay out the intro, body and conclusion of the post you make.

Use paragraphs to lead readers from one thought to the next. Avoid starting a new one simply because you want to make your article look good. Begin a new logical one that ties the previous and current sentence. It has to have flow.

Find a keyword to concentrate on and use a topic that your visitors show interest in. Show your expertise and experience to become an authority in a niche.

Find Out What the Results Page Looks Like

A little research goes a long way; one of the things you need to do before making a post is to determine what a results page looks like. Google no longer displays a list of links there are instances when it shows snippets already. The result displays a bit of information about what a potential visitor is looking for. If this matches their query, chances are they will click on the link to learn more. After doing this, customize your content plan around the keyword that yielded the result, especially if it is within your niche and area of expertise.

Always Link to Other Relevant Pages

When you make content whether it is an article or video, link it to other relevant pages in your website. Doing so drives topic to other parts of your site; this reduces your bounce rate and allows a visitor to learn more about your brand. This helps improve your image and enables you to create rapport with visitors.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Photos

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An image is the visual representation of your article. It’s better to have at least one photo in the body of the content, but even better to have many. The images are another place to insert keywords. Use your chosen keyword in the caption, file name and alt text.

These blogging techniques allow you to become a better blogger and reach your audience effectively. These also enable you to improve your search engine ranking.

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