Harnessing the Reach of the Smartphone User Base

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The Internet is one of history’s most important inventions. These days, it would not be wise for a business not to have its own website. If you are a company owner, you’d better get someone who’s an expert in web design in Dartford. Your site should be a showcase of your company and its values.

A good website can help establish a reputation, which can be crucial for those who chase relevance. We now live in a world where going viral is considered a measure of success. It’s not necessary for everyone to go that route, though. If you know that you have a good product or service, it should be able to sell itself with a website, giving it an additional push.

Your smartphone is the tool that helps you keep up with the pace of this fast-moving world. That device is today’s symbol for computing. They have become powerful enough to handle many tasks. Its small size may not be ideal for productivity tools such as spreadsheet makers and word processors. But it is an affordable device that allows you to browse the Internet. This is the reason website creation is being taken seriously. There is a massive audience out there. But do you know how to make your website desirable for mobile users? Here are some points to ponder:

User Interface and Experience

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When you are designing a website, you also have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. You can have all the skills and design sensibilities to make a user interface, but there may come a time when you need to sacrifice something for the sake of user experience. And that is where their differences lie. The interface is the elements you can code and put on screen, while the user experience is the degree of difficulty in the navigation of your page. Always keep in mind how your site will look like on a phone with a five or six-inch screen. Create your site in such a way that it can be navigated with just one hand


You need to make sure that your site runs as smoothly as possible. Learn the techniques on how to make it load faster. You will have to think about how big or detailed the pictures you will put are, or if embedding a video is necessary. You can also improve loading times. There is a technique where the browser loads only the content that is close to being viewed rather than loading the whole page. Or implement some compression on your multimedia elements. When you have a streamlined code that accesses the right amount of data, everything else will fall into place. The site will show up quickly, which can then add to that feeling of responsiveness.

Network speeds will continue to increase, but the smartphone will retain its form factor. As a handheld device, it will always have a limitation on screen size. But if you put your mind into designing a user-friendly website, you won’t perceive limitations anymore. What you will see is a way to reach as many people as you can with your awesome website.

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