Mobile Apps That Tech People Swear By

Man using a smartphone

Professionals today rely on their smartphones for so many things. Some may not even remember the last time they left home without checking their phone.

Several years ago, using a mobile phone for work was a rarity. Most companies provided personal digital assistants (PDAs) for this purpose. But smartphones have opened the doors for increased productivity and easier communication among employees.

Smartphones have become a necessity that the demand for smartphone and PDA repair services has grown over the years. Nobody wants to part with their mobile units, given the data that these gadgets contain.

There are several apps that people have in their PDAs and smartphones that they can no longer live without. The list includes communication and social media apps, as well as voice-activated reminders. They range widely depending on the industry that an individual is involved in.

Here are some of the most popular apps that busy tech people say they need every single day.


This app provides users with a personalised list of news articles tailored to their needs and preferences. There are thousands of apps available, and you must cut the noise to really get what matters most for your profession. With this app, you have control over what to see, as it automatically personalises content based on your reading patterns and some simple algorithms.


This much-preferred email app is the top choice of most tech professionals because it has a straightforward interface as well as a seamless combination with G-suite products. The Gmail app usually has unmatched utility. Tech professionals claim that there are no real competitors to the G-suite proving that only Google has nailed this app.

Voice-Activated Reminders

Man using a digital voice assistantLife is really demanding these days, and some tech professionals need digital assistants to keep track of their schedules and tasks. Voice-activated reminders can help you deliver reports that the board is asking for, arrive at meetings on time and complete errands on the way home. A simple ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Okay Google’ can help you accomplish tasks without skipping a beat.

Weather Apps

People who are always on the move or travelling to different places rely on weather apps to check on the weather on their destination. It helps them pack appropriately and prepare them for the trip based on the weather they are expecting. Most weather apps provide updated information for the next seven days.


Professionals utilise their calendars not just for remembering important dates and schedules. These apps help users prioritise their tasks and remind them about conditions such as traffic and weather, which may affect their schedule for the day.


Last on the list is the Map app. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, using maps on your smartphone has proven advantages. It helps you navigate roads to find easier routes with less traffic congestions. Maps also help users find places to explore, accommodations, restaurants and various other things. Having a Map app is probably the most practical thing that a smartphone and PDA can do for users.

There are more and more apps being developed and released every day, the more you have to choose from and experiment with. But at the end of the day, you come back to the ones that work for you.

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