Powerful Features of LinkedIn for B2B Companies

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B2B companies rely heavily on email marketing strategies and client referrals for most of their customers, which might make it challenging to replenish the list you already have. Fortunately, LinkedIn came to the rescue.

The professional networking platform helps connect professionals from all around the world socially. However, it soon became apparent that its features provide business-to-business (B2B) ventures with another platform to attract potential clients. However, there remains a long journey between setting up a LinkedIn company profile and securing long-term business partnerships. You will find that certain features stand out among others for attracting clients during the process.

Here are some of those you can utilize to create a strong presence for your business in the professional networking platform:

The Business Profile

LinkedIn is similar to social media, but the audience will be full of professionals sharing business or employee-related content. Social media excels in attracting customers, which is why B2C companies compete to establish a strong presence in that area. For LinkedIn, businesses reign supreme. Business profiles gather more attention in that area, especially with more C-Level executives and managers setting up their accounts.

As a result, your business profile will be the first feature that matters. The way you set it up will be vital, especially when you want to convert them into customers. The About page should contain the company overview, the core values, and the value proposition. There is also space for contact information, exposing your business to its targeted audience. The company logo might have to be the profile picture. The tagline, the employees working under the company, and the products or services must be present within the profile.

Fortunately, there is no fixed guide on how a company can set up a LinkedIn profile. You can experiment with different combinations, even changing the tone of your About section. It will be challenging to set up a business profile when you know it has to change constantly, but it is to ensure you are active in the platform.

Content and Activities

Speaking of active, businesses must always engage with potential customers in that area. However, it can be challenging when your page remains stagnant for days or weeks. Digital marketing relies on content to attract and engage people, which means the LinkedIn page must produce one nearly every day. People will notice your helpful, inspirational, or insightful pieces, especially when you boost their presence. However, another feature that stands out on LinkedIn is the company’s activities.

There will be plenty of projects within the year. Events like company retreats, donation drives, environmental causes, and other activities must be present on your LinkedIn page. Those events ensure that your connections know your company is not all about attracting customers. Activities contribute to a strong business presence, making it vital to achieve it.


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B2B companies must take connections on LinkedIn as engagement. There will be plenty of people liking, commenting, and sharing your business content, which could mean they feel interested in what the company wants to achieve. The digital marketing team will collect all those people and put them on separate lists, turning them into potential leads. However, it might feel weird for them to talk to a business profile page, which means you cannot reach out to them. Marketing must be personal, and nothing feels more genuine than having your employees talk to those people.

Sales personnel, particularly those with higher positions, can reach out to those who interacted with the company’s profile. They already have a topic of conversation, making it seamless to connect with them. The approach will be similar to email marketing, but you can personalize the message since you have access to their LinkedIn profiles. However, it can be challenging to contact hundreds of people at once, making it essential to hire LinkedIn lead generation service specialists to handle the task.

However, your digital marketing team might already have sample messages and the personnel to accomplish it. What they will need are digital programs and tools that can automate sending messages by the bulk. They can also benefit from advanced searching tools, giving them a list of qualified leads that can make sorting their messages easier.

Businesses need to evolve to digital means when it is available. The need to adapt directly ties with growth and success, which is why most companies pursue digitalization. Digital marketing falls under that bracket, with social media being one of the most dominant platforms where marketing strategies thrive. However, B2B companies have their own version of social media in LinkedIn. As long as the digital marketing team is responsible for what they post on the professional networking platform, they can attract plenty of leads for the company.

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