Welcome Home: The Trajectory of Smart Homes in the Pandemic

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Home technology is set for major improvements in the coming year. It may not seem like it, but your home is constantly changing to keep up with the latest developments in technology. Likewise, it’s also continuously coping with the current circumstances.

The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic is one of the most evident examples of this instance. Due to the numerous government restrictions coupled with safety guidelines, homes were transformed into central hubs. Daily operations ranging from work to leisure all had to be done within the comforts of your own home.

Home Tech Developments

Many people have recently been re-evaluating their housing conditions, especially after spending more than a year indoors. This has led plenty of homeowners to adopt smart home technologies. While the smart home industry is not necessarily new, its demand has increased steadily throughout the years.

Now, smarter tech solutions are expected to be incorporated into multiple homes in the future. The primary motivation for this recent surge is driven by the demand for automated convenience, which will be crucial in the wake of the pandemic.

If you’ve been planning to integrate or upgrade innovative features throughout your home, here are the most prominent trends¬†that are set to guide the direction of home devices over the year.

Addressing Health & Wellness

The global pandemic, particularly the shift to the remote working setup, has significantly raised people’s priority levels regarding health and wellness. Surely you’re in dire need of some relaxation after experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety over the past year.

Wellness at home usually begins in the bathroom, especially when it’s time to take a nice hot shower. While almost every home already has some form of heating system, consider contacting a professional for an unvented hot water cylinder tank installation. These devices are proven to be much more reliable and sustainable compared to traditional heating systems. Not to mention, it’s more cost-efficient as well.

Other home wellness technology includes better and fresher air circulation, clean water, and lighting. Smart lighting is also a notable feature to consider now since it adjusts light depending on the day. This can essentially help produce optimal home environments for both your body and mind.

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Better Home Entertainment

Cinematic experiences are just one of the many luxuries that the pandemic also robbed countless people of. As a result of spending more time at home, homeowners are quite literally recreating cinemas in their own homes. Experts predict that the demand for better home entertainment systems will persist.

If you’ve been itching for a home cinema, begin investing in a massive television or even a 130-inch cinema projector screen. People will continue to transform their living spaces into literal home theaters, even as the pandemic reaches its end. Expect large-screen displays, coupled with higher screen resolutions and better sound systems, to be present in almost every household.

You should also consider immersive entertainment experiences, which have been on the rise as well. Sales for virtual reality headsets experienced a substantial increase in the past year. More brands are anticipated to develop similar devices of their own, fueling the demand further.

Net-zero Solutions

The rise of smart homes also significantly increases your environmental footprint. Spending more time indoors also entails more electricity consumption as you continue to work from home, watch more TV, and play video games for hours.

In fact, residential homes are set to become the biggest consumers of electricity. Living in smart homes is no longer enough. Along with more innovative home technology, there has also been an increasing need for more sustainable homes. Threats of the growing climate crisis also became apparent in the previous year, which led homeowners to be more conscious of their environmental impacts despite being indoors.

The shift from smart homes to smart, green homes can be as simple as switching to alternative energy sources like solar energy. More than that, other home technologies are also being improved upon to provide residents with better energy insights and smart consumption solutions.

Smarter Homes

Despite the arrival of the post-pandemic world in plain view, people are still expected to spend most of their time indoors. Remote working setups and distance learning will continue to persist, even after the crisis has passed. This will also lead to a necessary reconsideration of your home’s functions.

The smart home revolution has long been underway. A vast majority of homes already have their own piece of smart home technology. However, the smart home industry will continue innovating its devices to better suit the needs of the modern home.

For now, the pandemic has drastically influenced how the modern home is defined. As a result, smart home tech has focused on the increasing need to prioritize health and wellness, better home entertainment, and more sustainable solutions.

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