Using Technology to Get Married During a Pandemic: From Invites to the Reception

Maya and Lucas planned to get married in June last year, but they had to postpone their wedding when the restrictions on mass gathering were announced. Of course, they didn’t know that those restrictions are going to last for at least a year. So, by October, they decided to get married in the most non-traditional of way. They got married on Zoom. With only their pastor in the room with them, Lucas and Maya said their vows in front of their friends and family who were tuned in on the wedding via a Zoom call.

It seems like nothing will be weirder than staying at home for a year but there it is, your friends are getting married on Zoom. You cannot even hug and congratulate them in person. You can’t even get drunk in their open bar. But that seems to be such a small sacrifice to pay in exchange for staying safe and healthy. So, until the vaccination program is done and the government finally says it’s okay to mingle again with your friends and family, this is the new normal that the world has been talking about since last year.

It is only, of course, thanks to technology that you can still “spend time” with your loved ones. You can still share moments like this. Although it is far from ideal, it’s the best thing you have right now. Lucas and Maya are not alone, though. Plenty of couples—celebrities and ordinary people—got married while in lockdown. You will be surprised at the huge role that technology played in these weddings.


Perhaps, the only tradition left in weddings these days is the sending of invitations. Sure, you can send digital invites and that way is cheaper, but don’t you want to commemorate this day by putting it on paper? Since you’re saving a lot by not having to throw a wedding party, you can go all out with your wedding invites. Get them stamped with a hot foil machine so they pack a wow factor when your guests receive them. For sure, you want your invitations (and names) to stand out from the many invitations your friends have seen in the past?

Virtual Reality

Send VR glasses to your friends, so they can watch an augmented reality of your wedding. It will make them feel like they are literally standing there in the room to watch you say your vows. You can even ask an usher to “take” the guests to their seats, so it will all feel real. If it’s not possible for you to send your guests VR glasses, you can go for holograms instead. You can fill up the room with holograms of your family and friends who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

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Virtual Photo Booth

Don’t worry about your friends and family not being in your wedding photos. Virtual photo booths are the solution to your problem. This photo booth will make it possible to create group photos and even pose with the bride and groom or other wedding guests. All of these are done remotely, of course. You even have the option to create collages and photo mosaics, as well as add stickers, backgrounds, and videos. You will have the option to share these on social media or print them and send them to your guests via snail mail.

Interactive Rooms

You can now get a complete virtual look into your wedding venue with a 3D designer. You can move furniture around to see how the room will look like during your wedding. This works for couples who like to minimize their interaction with wedding planners and designers. With this program, the couple can approve a theme and color motif without needing to meet with the planner personally.

Robotic Bartender

Because of the pandemic, couples are trying to reduce the number of people in the room where they will hold the party. Of course, that means they cannot hire a bartender to mix their favorite cocktail drinks. Fortunately, you can purchase or rent a robot that will mix these drinks for you. Robot bartenders can mix hundreds of recipes, although couples can also customize their own recipes.

Although the pandemic forced a lot of changes in the wedding industry, it shouldn’t stop couples from saying their vows. If you want to be with a person for the rest of your life, it shouldn’t matter if your loved ones can witness it in person or not. They’ll be happy for you nonetheless.

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