Web Design Can Make or Break Your SEO

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We didn’t take search engine optimization (SEO) in high school. Neither did we learn it from university professors. But somehow, everything we do now has to do with SEO. Your boss wants you to write content that’s SEO-focused. You need a marketing strategy that will take SEO into consideration. Your business’ website has to rank high on Google? You need SEO for that. We breathe and live through SEO, and somehow, we still don’t get a full grasp of what it is.

Whether in other cities or North London, SEO services are everywhere. You can walk in any digital services office, and you’ll see them brandishing SEO terms on your face. Digital marketers know how important this is, so why don’t you? Why don’t you even know that your website’s design has a full-on impact on the effectiveness of your SEO ranking?

No One’s Going to Read Your Content with Bad Web Design

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Imagine yourself going through web content and having to squint your eyes on the almost unreadable text. That’s exactly why bad web design is a no-no for SEO. It literally hurts your chances of ranking high on search engines because web visitors won’t even read or understand what you’re trying to tell them. You could publish quality content on your website. But if it is unreadable because of its font size or color contrast, then no one’s going to stick around to read it.

Nobody Will Find Relevant Info with Bad Web Design

You have to admit it. People are not going to make an effort to find the information they need on your website if the design limits them to do so. How does a website limit access?

One, web visitors don’t want to navigate through a complicated and messy web design. It’s too much of a trouble. Two, slow-loading websites will push potential customers away. Nobody wants to wait more than five seconds for a page to load. Lastly, people don’t want to search for topics on your page. That’s what Google is for. If they have to find their way around your page, they’re simply going back to the search engine to enter the right query terms.

Accessibility Is Hampered by Unresponsiveness

More than 70% of mobile phone users around the world accessed the Internet through their smartphones in 2019. It means that if your web design is not responsive, your potential customers are going to close the browser and look for a website that shrinks to the size of their device. Your inability to change your web design and follow the trends could be impeding your SEO rank. Without high web traffic, your website will be doomed, and so will your business.

A successful SEO strategy cannot happen without an amazing web design. They go hand in hand. Your web design is going to attract potential clients. In turn, your web traffic is going to increase, while your conversion rate will also soar. This sends a signal to Google’s algorithm that will influence your site’s ranking.

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