What Guests Expect From a Luxury Hotel

luxury hotel room

When the word ‘luxury’ is attached to a hotel, guests expect only high-quality services. They expect excellence in all aspects, including room setups, dining options and amenities—basically everything the hotel has to offer.

Easy, Smart and Respectful Processes

Guests have a lot to say about a hotel’s uncomplicated booking and reservation process. Whether it is booking with the hotel directly, through a hotel association, a luxury travel agent or a booking site, guests expect to receive all the help they can get.

The same goes for checking in and out. It is very frustrating to wait long lines when checking in, especially when guests have travelled miles to reach the hotel destination. Luxury travellers hate waiting. This is why some hotels have set up an express check-in, while others have roving personnel who process check-in on iPads. Some hotel associations and clubs also offer exclusive counters and deploy butler services for their guests.

Once guests have checked in, the luggage immediately follows to their room. For checking out, video or express checkouts are usually offered by high-end and luxury hotels.

Guests Get the Kind of Room They Want

The real luxury hotel will accommodate all guest requests regarding different room elements that will make their stay more comfortable. For instance, some guests request for easy mobility rooms while others ask for allergen-free beds. They can also choose to have a city or a sea view from their rooms.

The list of enhanced room features can go on depending on what guests wish to have in their room to consider it a luxury.

  • Consistent design with high-quality furnishings and no cheap touches – They pay overall attention to the room’s aesthetic details.
  • A clean, fresh and soundproof room despite proximity to city roads – There are no unpleasant smells of mould and mildew, strong air fresheners, smoke or cleaning bleach. The best hotels in the UK make use of an ozone machine to clear the air of these toxic smells.
  • Real plaster wall (or a wipe-down kind of wallpaper) – There are original artworks displayed on walls, whether these are photos, prints or paintings. A window can be opened for fresh air, and nice fabric window curtains can block sunlight.
  • A king-sized bed with a reasonably firm mattress and covered with all-cotton sheets and natural-fibre spread – On the bed is a variety of pillows, and guests can ask for more from room service.
  • In-room storage and safe for keeping clothes gadgets and valuables – Plus a comfortable work area with lush working chair, good-sized TV, iPhone or iPod dock, full-length mirror, coffee maker and other essentials.

The bathroom also goes beyond the usual to provide the luxurious experience that guests expect. Luxury hotel bathrooms are well ventilated, partitioned and with sufficient double lavatories for his and hers. Guests can scrutinize for chips and stains in the bathroom, and these hotels will not have any of it. There is a tub that fits two persons, strong water pressure and exclusive toiletries that smell not too masculine or too feminine. They provide slippers, fluffy towels and terry robes.

Enlightened Service Features

luxury food

Guests appreciate efficient staff and personnel, and luxury hotels live by the highest customer satisfaction standards. All hotel staff, including housekeeping and room attendants, should be friendly but professional, discreet, dependable and efficient.

Additionally, luxury hotels need to have at least one fine dining option for their guests and another to wine and dine. It should be attractive and available for room service as well. Most hotels offer great breakfast banquets and buffets.

Finally, guests expect luxury hotels to have fitness centres, entertainment areas, pool access, as well as spa services. They also have extra services, such as babysitting, personal trainer, laundry service and a concierge. Guests can take advantage of free shuttle services, complimentary city tours and access to sister resorts, too. Private butler service is also a nice plus for guests who are willing to pay premium prices for an all-inclusive luxury hotel stay.

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