Air “Purifying” Necklaces: Are They Effective?

Throughout the past nine to twelve months, many businesses, governments, and organizations have been adapting to the social and economic changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most companies have made many changes to their safety precautions so that employees are safe from pathogens that might make them sick. Normally, personal protective equipment in the form of medical-grade face masks, hand sanitizers, and full-on biological hazard suits have been incorporated by hospitals and organizations.

Of course, much of this personal protective equipment have been scientifically proven to help against COVID-19. However, some products claim to be “effective” in preventing any infection. Most of the time, these products have been sold online, especially on E-commerce platforms.

One of the more popular “wonder products” circulating in the market is air-purifying necklaces. This has definitely raised some eyebrows in many medical communities since there is no scientific basis supporting these claims.

But now that we’re close to the tail-end of the pandemic, data and information have now been recorded on how these “protective” equipment have affected individuals. But is it really that effective? How do we know that they really work? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

But before anything else, we have to discuss how air purifiers work and the mechanics behind how they will purify your living space’s air. As the name suggests, air purifiers were created to improve the air quality in the area. This was in response to around 7 million deaths in 2012 alone that were perpetuated by air pollution.

When most of us hear about air pollution, the first thing that comes to mind is thick industrial smog, gas leaks, and vehicles belching large amounts of smoke. In reality, air pollution can be quite subtle, and most individuals won’t know that there’s pollution in a certain area. The overall decline in environmental air quality has lead to scientists looking for ways of cleaning the air from particles that might cause allergic reactions and airborne diseases.

Most of the time, these machines use filters or UV lights that can destroy disease-causing microbes. There are scientific studies that are done that have confirmed that these devices help when it comes to indoor air quality. However, manufacturing companies that have made these wearable air-purifying necklaces would say that this will help “purify” the air around the individual, thereby negating any chance that virulent particles might cause transmission.

Do They Provide Protection from Pathogens?

With cases still on the rise, many individuals since last year have been using air purifiers. But do they really work when it comes to staving off pathogens?

There’s little to no evidence suggesting that air purifiers effectively create a “safety” bubble around an individual. Many of these necklaces claim that they will release ionized particles that will help stave off many pollutants away from the wearer’s personal area.

However, some studies that have recently surfaced have revealed that a wearable air necklace will usually have an efficacy rate of 50% in the span of 15 minutes, which then rises to 100% in more than an hour. But it’s important to note that this study had certain factors that come into play, such as being set indoors and calmer air conditions. That said, many researchers could not determine the efficiency of these necklaces in an open-air environment.

Also, studies have revealed that air purifiers used for indoor air quality are more effective in removing particles since it has sufficient size. If people are going to buy an air purifier, it should be for indoor use.

Protecting Yourself from Pathogens

There’s no “magical remedy” and cure that can stop the chance of getting infected by pathogens and COVID-19. Although, PPE equipment that is designed for medical practitioners has always been effective.

It’s also important to note that research for various medications is still ongoing. Many companies and businesses have been utilizing SARS-COV-2 biochemical screening that helps produce drugs and medicine that can help counter the effects of COVID-19. Although there might be vaccines currently being distributed, one should still be focused on staying safe from these virulent materials.

The bottom line? Air purifying necklaces aren’t as efficient as most people think they would be. Although they do help if you’re inside your home, stationary air purifiers are still more efficient and a better choice overall.

Does it work COVID-19? There are no studies currently conducting it, but we can always wait and see. Most health experts would suggest not relying on devices and methods that don’t have any conclusive evidence.

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