Attending a Tradeshow? Here’s What You Should Do to Stand Out

Trade show

Despite the common misconception that tradeshows are dead, you can still take advantage of it.

For the longest time, tradeshows have brought together different companies from a specific industry to demonstrate their products and services. Apart from this, tradeshows are an avenue for companies to increase brand awareness, strengthen their networks, get leads, and possibly close deals.

However, you can’t reap the benefits of trade fairs if you don’t prepare or have a solid strategy. If you are attending a tradeshow, here’s how you can make sure your company will stand out.

Go Digital

Tradeshows have been existing for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t evolve. This is why you should ride the wave and breathe life to your booth by going digital. From interactive kiosks to tradeshow applications to social media advertisements, the tradeshow industry is being digitally revolutionized.

With tradeshow applications, particularly, you don’t have to rely on multiple folders or internet connection to present an idea or a business proposal. With these, you can turn a presentation into an engaging conversation with leads.

To reach even those who are not in the venue, you can live stream the event via social media, highlighting your booth. When you go digital, you’re showing attendees how innovative and modern your company is.

Be Intelligent

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest trends in the tradeshow industry in recent years. AI can bring a different kind of experience to attendees, the media present, and other vendors.

Additionally, you can use AI, such as chatbots, to aggregate questions from attendees. With the chatbot, you can easily track and gain insights as to what the demands and needs of the attendees are. If you are attending an international tradeshow, you can even use the technology for language translation. This way, there will be no language barrier between you and a lead.

Throw a Visual Feast

Trade show stall

One of the most effective ways to shine in a trade fair is to have an attractive display. Throw a visual feast for all the attendees. Instead of posters, use LED screens to showcase a video of your company, client testimonials, or a photo reel of your products and services.

Apart from graphics and images, you can also make your booth more visually engaging by working with a professional interior designer. They can help arrange your booth according to the theme, maximize your space, and strategically organize your products for better display.

Be Generous

Giveaways, like discount cards or vouchers, are not only incentives for those who went to your booth, but they are also a tool for marketing. You can hand free items as a reward for visitors or a token of appreciation for stopping by.  Apart from these items, you can also show your hospitality by providing free snacks, coffee, or tea to anyone who checks out your booth.

You can master the game of giveaways by defining who your audience is. From there, you’d know to whom to give your special gifts. You don’t want to be giving away expensive items, such as gadgets, to general passers-by.

Tradeshows are full of competing companies. But if you know how to strategize, your booth will be a blockbuster. A little entertainment and tech can help you shine, especially if you’re playing with the big dogs.

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