How to Convince Different Types of Managers to Use the Cloud

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Using the cloud for data storage is becoming more and more popular among businesses these days. This is very useful, particularly in the event that a natural disaster strikes and the company’s servers get destroyed, like in a hurricane or an earthquake. If that happens, employees can still continue their tasks since they can access all their files via the cloud and will only have to relocate to a temporary workplace.

However, despite the usefulness and convenience of using the cloud for Office backup files, some business owners and managers remain hesitant to adopt the technology. So, if you have a boss who’s like that, know how you can convince them to change their mind. That depends on the kind of manager that you have.

A thrifty manager 

If your manager is economical and always worries about expenses, what you can do is to drop hints that using a server in your office is too costly. First, a server at the office means additional expenses on electricity because you need a high-powered air conditioner to cool it. Second, you need a dedicated IT person to ensure that the server is working properly all the time.

But, if you use cloud storage, you won’t need a high-powered air-conditioning unit and an IT person to make sure that the server is in good condition. Also, moving to the cloud means that you won’t have to allocate an area in your office for your server. This then means you can expand your office and use the additional space, say, for another cubicle or storage facility.

An eco-friendly manager


It’s fortunate that more companies now have environment-friendly managers who are vigilant about practising eco-friendly methods. And if you want your office to use cloud storage, you can use your boss’ eco-friendly stance to your advantage.

Focus on the fact that cloud storage is more friendly to the environment than using a server. If your company starts using the cloud, your office will be using lesser electricity, which means a lesser carbon footprint. Also, you can add that you can choose cloud storage facilities that use renewable energy sources to further help protect the environment.

A paranoid manager 

There are some managers who take a lifetime to make a decision because they’re too busy imagining the probable consequences of each decision. They can be paranoid sometimes whenever they’re at a crossroad and they want to be sure that the path they’re about to take won’t lead them to a horrible ending, such as the company closing. What you can do here is to help your boss visualize the terrible things that could happen if they don’t decide to use cloud storage.

Tell them the business won’t be safe enough. And in the event that a natural calamity destroys the office, your boss won’t be able to salvage the company because all files will be destroyed. But with cloud storage, they can still run the company while employees work in another facility with internet access.

These are some of the ways you can convince your boss to adopt cloud technology for your company’s data storage. By following these tips, you’ll be able to make any kind of manager see the advantages of using the cloud.

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