Must-Have Apps for Small Businesses to Boost Productivity

must have apps

Small businesses take every opportunity they can get to boost revenue. But some business owners are focused on completing daily tasks that they tend to forget the growth of their business. A Forbes report suggests creating a growth plan to give them a clear direction of where they are heading.

The report adds that one of the reasons small businesses remain stagnant is that they lack automation. Automating their business can cut down time and minimize distractions. Fortunately, there are online mobile apps they can utilize to streamline their processes and boost productivity.

Through these apps, entrepreneurs can accomplish important tasks, such as communication between employees, manage their finances easily, and back up their data conveniently.

Keep Connected with each Other

keep connectedIt is necessary for business owners to monitor everything that happens in their company. It is important to get updates on projects or transactions no matter their location.

  • Skype

Skype for business is one of the popular communication apps among companies. This app enables businesses to conduct meetings with up to 250 people in different places. It features office software, as well, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This reduces the time of traveling to a meeting place, which can be used for other important tasks.

  • Doodle

This is another online app that entrepreneurs use to communicate with their teams. Using this app, they can set up a date or time for a meeting and send invitations to participants. Everyone who receives the invitation has an option to choose the most convenient time for them.

  • Slack

This app is suitable for communication and collaboration. A team can work together through the platform, whether they need to start a project, deploy some codes, or finalize the company’s budget.

All information shared through this platform is safe because it uses 2FA (two-factor authentication) and SSO (single sign-on). This means that only those who have the login ID and password can open and view the files stored in the system.

Keep Finances on Organized  

One of the most important thifinancesngs in running a small business is to have well-organized finance documentation and transaction. Entrepreneurs need to use comprehensive management accounting to determine how much money goes in and out of their business. This helps them in making strategic decisions when it comes to the company’s operations.


Expensify can help businesses to automate every step of the expense management process. This app is one of the simplest tools that businesses can use to organize their finances. They can scan and upload the receipt to record their expenses.


Quickbooks allows business owners to connect their business bank accounts (PayPal, Chase, or Visa) to import and sort transactions, streamlining financial management. The accounting software shows profit-and-loss reports, monitor invoice status, and pay multiple vendors and bills altogether.

Time Doctor

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs can use this app to track their employees’ working time and how long they work on a project. The app can potentially increase productivity by 22 percent.

It has a screenshot feature that captures employee monitors depending on the time set by the supervisor. The advantage of this app is that it can monitor what their workers are doing and how. This is helpful to determine what causes distractions and inefficiencies among the employees.

Keep Files Safe and Protected

safe and protectedIt is essential for organizations to keep everyone on the same page. Business owners should find the right tools that can help them back up their important files and share them with the whole team without hassle.

Microsoft OneDrive

This is a reliable app that allows businesses to save their files and photos in the cloud. Business owners can access their files anywhere using any devices, such as phones, tablets, or computers. They can also easily share folders, data, and photos with everyone on the team to keep them in the loop.

This is a helpful way to backup important files, so they don’t have to worry about losing them. Microsoft uses SSL to encrypt OneDrive.

G Suite

This cloud system offers an extensive selection of apps that are highly useful in business operations. G Suite Basic provides 30 gigabytes of online storage for each user. But for unlimited storage, entrepreneurs only have to upgrade to its Business or Enterprise edition.

Dropbox Business

This app is excellent for boosting team productivity and storing the company’s data safely. It allows an organization to sync their folders across different platforms, as well. It has enterprise-grade security features to protect the company’s confidential files.

Technology plays a vital role in small businesses. Entrepreneurs can choose from a wide array of online applications that can increase productivity in their workplace and maximize their resources.

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